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15-Oct-2017 00:39

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Though many couples wait until a one-year anniversary to celebrate, you and your boyfriend can exchange gifts for your six-month mark. Gift him with a present that is small yet meaningful and save splurging for later in the relationship.A thoughtful and heartfelt present is appropriate for this occasion, as explained in the "Glamour" article, "Reader's Dilemma: My Boyfriend and I Are Celebrating 6 Months Together! Celebrate your anniversary by giving your boyfriend a present allowing you both to spend more time together as a couple.We have 18 ideas which will ensure a totally kickass surprise for your baby! Now is the time to stitch them together, and compile them into a slideshow or video. Add a gentle music or an instrumental of your choice at the background. Now what the course deals with completely depends on you and your S. Your options include cooking classes, foreign language classes, DIY projects or taking up a sporting pursuit. Say you go to cooking classes, and then cook a meal for your lover at home. This game of sorts, will be a memorable marker to your flourishing relationship! There are a number of places which provide such gift packages. Take you partner each night to different but equally suave restaurants and eateries. For the foodie couple, it cannot get better than this! Marathon babies If your partner is also a big lover of movies, like yourself, for film watching, you can either self, try suggesting a film marathon.It can be any of these or an entirely different thing depending on you. This is a really special way to mark the anniversary! Gift an IOU Give your partner an IOU, for say, six minutes. You can watch all your favorite movies, snuggles up on a comfy couch. Depending on your level of stamina for film-watching, you can either go for films which collectively add up to six hours in length, or you can watch six films at once, if you are a real movie buff! This is one of the most romantic ideas on this list.We are planning on going out to dinner to the same place we first met. And now for my two cents: Thanks for reaching out, dear. Were you planning on giving your boyfriend a present before your brother brought up the idea?I don't know how to approach the topic without him feeling obligated to get me a gift. If so, go ahead and give your man a little something.A simple handmade card is probably best, because it’s really easy to overdo a six month-aversary.Probably the biggest thing is not to go overboard, unless you guys are both really into that kind of mushy stuff. My husband and I got engaged after dating little more than six months. or even of something else, but my response is as if it were dating.

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Gifts are not standard, but if you’ve only been together six months and are still excited about it, a small token is nice—nothing large or expensive, unless you are drowning in spare cash to burn. Or you could do the usual—flowers, maybe some candy, and a small note or card.

On the other hand, some couples rarely exchange gifts; my husband and I fall into this camp.

Since you two are celebrating by going out, it's not out of the question to give a gift.

Treat your boyfriend to an edible anniversary present.

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Think outside the box of your usual eateries for dinner.Other couples after six months are barely to the point where they’re willing to admit to the public that they’re dating. I’m not sure if this is a six month-aversary of dating or of marriage .

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