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25-Jan-2018 16:06

When you update javascript or css files that are already cached in users’ browsers, most likely many users won’t get that for some time because of the caching at the browser or intermediate proxy(s).You need some way to force browser and proxy(s) to download latest files.Entering either script won't change the year in the Design view of your html editor.To see the results of entering your script, upload the edited web page to your web server, then go to your browser and reload the page. Copy and paste it wherever you want the current year to appear: And here's the php script: Yes, the php script is simpler, but it may not work just yet. It's actually a good thing, because then you'll be able to run other php scripts on your site, which can be extremely useful.

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You can automatically refresh the copyright year by inserting a simple Java Script or php script (see below) into your website's html code.A window (and undefined) argument is created and is mapped with global window object at the bottom (window).Notice that you can also write self-executing anonymous function like this: Using extra braces like before function keyword is simply coding convention and is used even by famous javascript libraries such as j Query and also recommended by Douglas Crockford.As the breadth of the Unity feature set keeps on growing, and as we build it with more and more engineers at the same time, the necessity for being able to split up the product in separate modules becomes bigger and bigger.

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Obviously because it is just sound engineering practice.

While doing mostly non-user-visible work on this, we hit some dependencies in our API that need to be cut in order for us to proceed further in our efforts.

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