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18-Sep-2017 12:18

However, there are some queries over whether the pottery assemblage supports this identification.

A close investigation of the ship’s timbers, the first time such an initiative has taken place on this site, may provide the information necessary to reach a conclusion on date, provenance, and identification.

The For SEAdiscovery partnership provides the opportunity to approach the site with updated research questions and support with which to answer them.

A focused on-site investigation starting now in June 2015 of this shipwreck will significantly increase understanding of the ship itself and its wider socio-economic, political, environmental, and even philosophical contexts during a period of rapid and widespread change.

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The shipwreck at Yarmouth presents an ideal case study as a supposed Spanish ship dating to the 16th century.Fortunately it's never been hard to find a few of the critters just trying to install the product.They also ask for suggestions to improve the product.Customer service has never been their strong point!

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I also use Q02 and noticed the exceptions starting this month.

Maritime Archaeology Ltd, is now working together with the For SEAdiscovery: Forest Resources for Iberian Empires: Ecology and Globalization in the Age of Discovery project, a Marie Curie Initial Training Network funded through the European Union Framework 7 program to investigate the timbers in detail.

It was in this stock, through cross breeding with Whites, that his young wife saw her pedigree.… continue reading »

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