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I am talking about the lyrics that they are singing about to this generation compared to the last.Country music, possessing a broader generation gap than other musical genres such as hip-hop, shows how our generation isn't necessarily the “Me Me Me” generation people believe we are....Miami was a popular plane stop for Rio DJs to buy the latest American records.Funk carioca was popularized in the 1980s in Rio de Janeiro's favelas, the city's slums.If this doesn't get you excited about "King Push" was the perfect song to anchor . O." and, to a greater degree, Migos' "Versace" remix.Like Marlo Stanfield, the character who inspired Pusha's album title, the GOOD rapper doesn't demanding respect; he takes it: "All that's missing is a dash - difference between me and Hova." , Gates runs one helluva brainstorming session. As long as his flow is this vicious, he can wear all the Cosby sweaters he wants. The Zay Toven beat is equal parts minimalist and boisterous.

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While not totally dismissing their psychedelic leanings, much of the material bears a stronger acoustic influence, in much the same manner as Fairport Convention and Traffic were also exploring.Chainz gets his brag on over Pharrell's gaudy drums. Compton prince Kendrick Lamar amusingly crowned himself the "king of New York," which made more than a handful of Big Apple rappers angry. The Michigan State football team danced to "Type of Way."2. "Control (HOF)" had every rapper in the game thinking up words that rhyme with "Kendrick." Lamar used the track to call out his peers, bemoan mediocrity, and declare himself the greatest emcee of his generation. It's the way he rolls up a multi-layered love letter to the borough, its icons and cultural landmarks in the doting video.