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22-Aug-2017 22:23

In March, Microsoft released 'Tay', a Twitter chatbot intended to learn from its interactions with users.

Within 18 hours, the bot had been taken offline due to posting a variety of racist, sexist and otherwise offensive responses to tweets.

At the recent QCon London 2017, Lyudmil Pelov, Lead Architect with the Oracle A-Team, had a great talk titled: Implementing Your Own Chatbot Platform!

I know, that's the past, but you can check out the slides posted on Slide Share.

With chatting being so popular, it’s no surprise that our world is full of chatbots.

It conjured up images of fake Twitter accounts sending endless spam, but over the past few months, bots have undergone something of a renaissance.There are many successful tech startups emerging from Nairobi, and there’s probably one really important common thing in them: they don’t want to change the world.They are focusing on problems local people face day-to-day.Lots of businesses immersed themselves in making chatbots then: customer service bots, support bots, training bots, information bots, porn bots, whatever.

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The question is — do people really need that many chatbots in addition to real people?

Well, it seems that it is actually the reality and it is happening in front of our eyes.