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He slightly recall the battle that took place where he gloriously kicked some sense into Sasuke (read as: barely remembers getting punched in the face and retaliating). Try as he might, he could not seem to conjure up any memory of the events after he blacked out. On the plus side, apparently Kurama knows how to use Genjutsu after all.

After ten minutes of him sitting cross legged with arms fold under each other and face scrunched up in concentration on a tree branch , a little light bulb appeared on top of his head... He was knocked out of his thinking and literally fell into his mindscape. Coming from the giant fox who thinks a Bijudama is the answer to everything, who knew right?

He remembered the sealing of Kaguya Otsutsuki with the help his team and the beasts. Looking back at it, he felt that he could've done better then to sit on a branch for ten hours straight before getting hungry and stumbling to civilization.

He remembered Sasuke's harebrained scheme for obtaining ultimate peace. Stopping a robber to ask him for some help, having the cops catch up to said robber, fighting off said cops to help said robber, getting arrested by said cops for helping said robber and finally having to wake Kurama up to help bail him out of said arrest.

Shut up.""This is a special occasion, I figured we should talk about it.""... after my nap.""Noooooo~ Don't sleep now, you'll never wake up again~! And here I thought that I can close up the shop for a day and spend some quality time with you, you overgrown lazy bag of fuzz.""... HOW ABOUT YOU CARRY THE WEIGHT OF OUR COMBINED EXISTENCE FOR A CHANGE! I would gladly accept that challenge but I need to open up the shop.""... The lady next door is still sending him pitying glances whenever he greets her.'Damn middle aged gossiping old hag, I know it's you who's been spreading the rumors of me escaping an insanity asylum! Hearing no answer except for a light snoring sound, the blonde teen sighs to himself and flips over the open sign before walking into his ramen shop.

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Im not garenteing there will be any but it's definatly worth looking around. You were awake for like five minutes..."It was a good thing that Naruto opened his ramen shack early or else he would have had to receive many questioning stares coming his way for his one man act while he sweeps the front entrance.

She hesitated to introduce him to Rayna, however, because she didn't htink that they would be a good match.… continue reading »

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