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The company is also accused of paying kickbacks to doctors for prescribing the medications and helping them change billing codes to ensure Medicaid would pay for their use.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson today asked a federal court to review the Trump Administration’s nearly two-year delay of the Chemical Disaster Rule, which updates important safety requirements for large industrial facilities that handle hazardous chemicals.

The parentheticals are usually examples rather than definitions.

You can mentally put an "et cetera" after most of the lists.

Relatedly, "e.g." means for example and "i.e." means that is, if it helps.

This is not the place for listing characters/films/etc.

You're welcome to use items on this list as negative examples or squicks.More information and supporting citations can be found within the chapters themselves.A complex and variable constellation of risk and protective factors makes persons more or less likely to use a firearm against themselves or others.Domestic violence incidents affect every person within a home and can have long-lasting negative effects on children's emotional well-being, and social and academic functioning.

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The following resources provide information on the impact of domestic violence on children, families, and their communities.

Following their statements earlier today, Attorney General Bob Ferguson and Governor Jay Inslee offer two examples of misleading information in U. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ letter dated July 24: OLYMPIA —The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) filed a complaint in Thurston County Superior Court yesterday alleging campaign finance violations by the Washington & North Idaho Laborers Political Action Committee (the PAC).